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Okay, I start to build a MIDI flute. My idea for MIDI flute is different from similar projects.
I had the opportunity to play on branded instruments  and to be honest no one was good for me. Mostly, for me poorly operated breath sensors requires a strong blowing. and clumsy keyboard buttons. So I took the challenge. At the moment I have a prototype ready.

The sensor is very sensitive, responsive even on the most delicate gusts. He catches the articulations, and the different vibrations that arise during blowing. It's all processed into a digital algorithm that controls the digital sound. All the natural factors that appear during playing as the flute are processed. The mouthpiece also has security for random external factors. I just do not respond when you are not playing.
I'm impressed, I was able to build a very accurate sensor.

In addition, instead of holes to play like the flute or the keyboard keys, I used the slider pad. It lets you play the melody with ease, you can even 3 notes at once obtained. This is not a typical polyphony, but it allows maneuvering between the sounds. It gives interesting effects and is very creative for music.
Of course, the flute is wireless and battery powered.

One of charging allows approximately 15 hours of playing. Very efficient.
The whole built with SMD components, it gave me a small size PCB.

I wonder if the body instrument, I have some drawings and will use the 3D printer for the execution the body of the instrument.
Hopefully in June 2016 will be the launch of the product.