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Guitar bass or solo to MIDI? Why not :)

This simple design is based on the processor ATmega series. It contains an analog circuit that shapes the guitar signal and filter unwanted harmonics so that a frequency measurement is the most accurate. Frequency measurement starts from 27,5 Hz

Device also includes audio output and  USB port. Works with any the music application and any synthesizer or tone generator via MIDI.

The device processing of a frequency to midi notes. In addition, it responds to pitch bend, glissando and velocity. Recognizes the dynamic style of play, all the plucking and so on.
It is mono, you can only play one sound at the same time. It is perfect for playing solos, or simple patterns.

However I decided to go ahead with this, soon it will be polyphonic version.
Initial tests shown me that this is possible. Each string have own magnetic transducer and an analog circuit. I'm still working with the code for processor.
There are certain things that I need to fix to work correctly in a polyphonic version. I am getting closer to achieve it.

This project evolved from another project based on a different processor series PIC.
Together with my buddy Matt Ross, we worked on PIC project around 1 year.
Matt thank you for your contribution to the PIC project.
However PIC project had technical limitations,  I decided to give up with it and build it from scratch on a different MCU more friendly for me than PIC :)