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Coils that I build they are called DRSSTC (Double-Resonant Solid State Tesla Coil) and SSTC (Solid State Tesla Coil). There are other types as STG, QCV,  VTTC.
I concentrated on the construction of  DRSSTC and SSTC. About the energy consumption 500-2500Watt. They are capable of production discharge length 80-150 cm! The voltage that arises on the secondary coil is an average of 1,000,000 V !!! The current intensity in the primary winding reaches up to 1000A at peak! It's really impressive values.

Coils have the possibility of connecting the modulator called Interrupter. Which generates TTL signal for control the operation of power transistors - IGBTs.
It's so briefly description, because the entire process is much more complicated, and I will not describe in detail what and how. I do not create guide, how to build a Tesla coil.

Modulator allows you to change the width and length of the TTL pulse, which has a major impact on the work of the coil and production lightning. Through this, you can change
the length of the spark and the frequency with which the lightning is produced. Thanks to this Tesla coil can be a musical instrument! Because interrupter has MIDI and AUDIO input. Messages MIDI note-on / note-off in the range of C-1 through C-3 are supplied to the coil and played by electrical discharge. It is amazing but Interrupter also allows you to send a message Pitch Bend to coil, to smooth change of pitch sound of sparks. Interrupter is polyphonic and in the case of the coil DRSSTC can play two notes at the same time. For SSTC is possible up to six notes simultaneously. Coils SSTC also have the possibility of modulation TTL  by signal AUDIO. Coil SSTC can serve as a very original amp for electric guitar :) or music player.

At this point I would like to thanks my buddy Dzejwor from Poland. Long conversations and analyze projects with him, helped me a lot in understanding the very complex process of building a Tesla coils. Thanks Dzejwor !!
It is no coincidence that I build Tesla coil. This story goes back to my tradition. As the original I am Polish, means Slav.
In my Slavic tradition (before the time of the Christian of enslavement) is the god of thunder and lightning, called Perun
It is like a natural for me, to pay tribute to Perun through the construction of Tesla coils. Since childhood I love the time of the storm, always I watch lightning. Just for me it is one of the most interesting natural phenomena.
Once I was high in the mountains while hiking occurred weather breakdown and a powerful thunder storm. Any normal person would be horrified conditions. However, I survived one of the most interesting events in my life. Being high in the mountains, at the height of storm clouds had an amazing view of the magnificent spectacle of nature.
I was almost in the center, I 'm very lucky that survived it :) I will remember it for a long time. So in honor of Perun, I build Tesla coils that have the ability producing lightning.

Coming back to the god of thunder and lightning, in the culture of Australian Aborigines also is the god of the weather phenomena. It is called Mamaragan (Mamarrgon) Aborigines have for him great respect. Perun and Mamaragan seems like the same god.