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The idea for this project came when I worked with Digital Didgeridoo. I thought it be useful for wireless link AUDIO / MIDI / USB 
So this project came up, and includes a transmitter and receiver.
The receiver has an stereo audio output, MIDI and USB.
The transmitter has a stereo audio input and MIDI IN / OUT.
It work from the batteries. Continuous transmitter operation on the battery up to 4 hours.
It may be useful to the stage where it counts to minimize stuff wiring.

The device operates in the 2.4 GHz band. It is resistant to external disturbing factors. Power of transmitter is 30mW

Audio quality is 24 bit / 96
MIDI transmission 32.500Kb
100m range
Latency transmission < >10ms (depend from the distance between the devices. )
You can connect up to 16 transmitters to one receiver. Full duplex transmission up to 16 MIDI channels.