Many years I work in the field of electronics. Starting from an early age :) fascinated by
electronics, I built a lot of simple devices. The first analog synthesizer built when I was
14 years old.  Parallel I gained technical education, also practicing in the workshop
services of consumer electronics. In the meantime I mastered programming the AVR
early series 51 and later I developed skills with next generation of processors.
When I came to Australia in 2012, I worked in the service  2Day Electronics, moreover
was doing repairs to private customers. I worked a long time for Rhythm Active as a
technician of music gear.  I am also a designer of equipment for Shock Electronix
company. The time has come to expand own services and electronics design in Australia,
thus arose Digi-Man.

Digi-Man is not only another service or so. For me the most important is the quality of
service and customer satisfaction. Electronics for me is a passion, not only business.
Often I fixed successful things that other technicians were not able to fix it. Why?
Because I like a challenges and mission impossible :)

I also have another passion :) Didgeridoo and charity to Aboriginal culture. In the
meantime, and "after hours" from near 18 years I act as a didgeridoo maker and
musician,  promoter of Aboriginal culture. If you are curious, please see or

Here also I would like to say many thanks to Tom Scarff from Ireland. Thanks to him
and his suggestions,  better I understand coding and MIDI processing for ATmega
processors. Tom thanks a lot !!!

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