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Laser Harp MIDI Controller
Spectacular instrument. Always makes a great
impression. The new design includes a blue

Modular Synthesiser
See my offer of Eurorack modules to build
Modular Synthesizers
Musical Tesla Colil
Amazing lightning controlled via MIDI!
I'm probably the only one in Australia who build  Tesla Coils and HV stuff for music and art scene.
Digidaki - MIDI Didgeridoo Controller
Digidaki - MIDI Didgeridoo Controller

Yeah it is ready!!
Official website

Biofeedback MIDI
Biofeedback MIDI

Biofeedback MIDI controller? Why not ..
If by such devices can be controlled games, surely I can  also play on the instrument.
The work and research of this started.
I'll write more about this soon.

Ribbon Sythesizer and MIDI controller.
Ribbon Sythesizer and MIDI controller.

Project ribbon synthesizer.
It will be digital / analog synthesizer with the option MIDI / USB and CV / Gate control outputs and inputs of course.
Soon more details.
My projects sometimes is very expensive.
You can help me develop it by donation.
Thank you :)