Limited Guarantees, Repair, Return Policy

I guarantee kits and parts brand new to 30 days from the date of purchase.
I guarantee parts and components second hand to 7 days from date of purchase.

I guarantee my repairs for 30 days from the date of receiving the equipment.

If the customer doesn't pick up the equipment, up to 30 days from the collection date, 
the equipment becomes the property Digi-Man and goes to auction.

Products can be returned only with my consent payment, within 10 working days from
the date of receipt.
Orders canceled by the customer will incur a 20% cancellation fee.
Delivered to repair items, please include a note describing the problem, it save your

Devices manufactured by Digi-Man, with the exception of the Tesla Coil, have 12 months

The Tesla Coil is made as museum pieces and it not intended for use.  But as such they
are a fully working condition .As such it have a limited warranty 30 days for some
However, the customer bears full responsibility for use the Tesla Coil. The customer is
aware of the risks using the Tesla Coil and risks associated with high voltage and 
magnetic field.

Digi-Man is completely exempt from any liability for any damages  caused by Tesla Coil.
The Tesla Coil:
The warranty on components, does not cover
the IGBT transistors and control electronics.
Repairs are provided for a fee.

There is no possibility of return partly
assembled kits.

The warranty does not cover defectively
assembled kits or damaged through the fault
of the user.
Repairs will be provided for a fee.
The minimum fee is $ 30

Vintage spare parts used previously:
I assure that all parts it tested prior to

Laser is a very sensitive thing. I can provide
the guarranty for it but condition is limited
and coherent with the original manufacturer's
warranty. The customer is also aware of the
risks which arise from the use of laser.

Details of warranty:
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